Conscious Living

It’s important for us to practice more conscious ways of living and take responsibility.
Here, you can find ideas and information about change.
  • Futurium” is a showcase of a society, life and a system in some time to come. It promises amazement and excitement to visitors, displaying how we will live in the future. NION community went there vor a visit, and Kensuke Nishimura, a sustainability tech expert, is giving you his impression with focus on the topic “energy”.

  • A year after NION Week, NION had another milestone. From 01. to 05. September, our partner organization from Japan, RELEASE; visited us in Berlin. We tailored a special learning journey…

  • Summer always enchants us with its charms and the end of that season is often sentimental. This year, NION Community celebrated the Sun in various ways.

  • NION Community members Birgit and Guillaume shared the disoveries around the topic cleaning they’ve made during their three month artist residency in Kyoto.

  • In addition to direct interaction with all kinds of animals, education and art also offer the opportunity to engage. For example at Tieranatomisches Theater Berlin.

  • Whether you want to view cherry blossoms or maple leaves in style or just escape from everything for an hour, take a break in one of Vienna‘s most beautiful gardens…

  • A Japanese concept that deals with aesthetic perception, the beauty of the simple and naturally aged. Nowadays, industrial manufactured goods have appeared though.

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