Japanese Life in Berlin

In a city like Berlin, where everyone is always hungry for something new and interesting, how does Japanese aspects play along?
Here you can find information about quality Japanese culture and Japan related events.
  • Shown at this year’s Berlinale film festival, Kaze no denwa by director Nobuhiro Suwa tells about Haru, a 17 years old girl who searches for a way back to life after her family has died in a tsunami caused by the big Tohoku earthquake.

  • Some weeks ago, NION organized a presentation by a Tokyo-based shoe craftsman, Noriyuki Misawa. While showing us his art pieces he walked through his artistic innovation and told us how he became one of the most unique shoemakers alive.

  • Tenzan Lab in Prenzlauer Berg is currently hosting a solo exhibition by a Japanese artist, Ai Moliya. We visited their opening reception and interviewed the artist to explore the art and philosophy of Kintsugi as well as unearthing the Japanese concept of Mottainai.

  • Whether you want to view cherry blossoms or maple leaves in style or just escape from everything for an hour, take a break in one of Vienna‘s most beautiful gardens…

  • Taishi Nagasaka is very well known in Berlin’s scene as DJ ONONiiONIONIION. In this part of his bi-weekly series he takes you on a sentimental journey.

  • When it comes to Japanese music, DJ ONONiiONIONIION is very well known in Berlin’s scene. This is the first part of his series about music, food and life.

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