Get together, make harmony

One of our activities is an urban design project for, by, and with Berliners.
Join us to find out more and be a player of your own city.

Our community is growing every day.
Let’s co-create a more livable and lovable Kiez for all!



Community FAQ

What do you do exactly?

We do many things. We have workshops led by our community members on city building and nature, as well as topics regarding Japanese and German culture. Sometimes we simply meet and brainstorm what we can do together. But really, NION community is what you make it! We are open to ideas and if you need a space to execute it, we are more than happy to offer it to you. Just shoot us a message and we take it from there.

See here for what we have been up to recently.


How can I join?

Since February 2018, we throw the community meetings almost every Thursday. Feel free to just stop by! Everyone is welcome. Bring your friends, loved ones, your parents, and be a part of the community. No pressure though. People come and go, and come back again sometimes, just like life.


Where do you meet?

We meet at Oranienstraße 58a, 10969 Berlin (Moritzplatz).


Where can I find out about the next event?

You can find out about our next community event from our social media channels, which we update regularly, and also at our website.

There’s also a subscribable community update to stay informed:
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Anything else I should know?

We have principles that are based on our experiences and reflect our ethics.
We hope that everybody who wants to become part of NION is eager to share them so that we can all grow NION together.