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Where Japan and Berlin come together

We are NION; a group of leading creative movers; a place where Japan & Berlin come together. From the Berlin music, art, tech to urban development scene, we serve as an international platform to support and enrich contemporary culture and creativity in Berlin.

“We are all one” – This is our mission.
Building a bridge between Berlin and Japan will enable each of us to exchange knowledge and ideas to design new, harmonious ways of living. We will create a safe and open environment where we can freely share each other’s values and what matters to our lives. This includes every being on this planet, so that we can all come together as one.



What we do

At NION, we put together concepts and stage an array of international projects including conferences, cultural festivals, art exhibitions, and industry networking events. From urban development projects like tech hubs, market and food halls to fully developed quarters.

On the website, our team, contributors and community members share their knowledge, ideas and insights from both Japanese and Berlin cultures.

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Why Japan and Berlin?

There are many strong synergies and similarities between the two sister cities, Berlin and Tokyo. The one influences and inspires the other in unforeseen ways. For example, did you know that the famous Yamanote Line in Tokyo is based on the Ringbahn concept of Berlin?

Japanese culture, particularly the high level of quality when it comes to craftsmanship and technology, continues to inspire people in Europe. Meanwhile, Berlin is known as the cultural hotspot in the heart of Europe. Its work life balance and abundant cultural outlet created a young entrepreneurial hub for extraordinary projects.

By building a bridge between two strong forces, we could really empower collaborations and inspire new ways of living.



NION – a community Kiez design project

NION is also a community Kiez design project. A purpose driven living quarter. Our goal is to craft and build an engaging community space online and in real life to open a gateway for contemporary lifestyle, technology, crafts, education, health and living. It will be an ecosystem of diverse communities interacting with each other to find solutions for today and tomorrow.

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NION Community

We believe that by exchanging each other’s values, ideas and challenges, we can create a more wholesome environment and grow better together. Why don’t you join us to be a player of your own city? Our community is growing every day. Let’s co-create a more livable and lovable Kiez for all!
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If you have any questions or just simply want to send love, contact us at
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