NION – a new model of living



With NION we envision to build a hot spot of contemporary creativity and traditional culture, a most innovative technology hub and a striving “local meets international” community.

Our 21st century concept includes an urban quarter that attracts visitors as well as locals, offering a wholesome range of:

cultural opportunities
(Restaurants, bars, design, art, fashion, shops, etc.)

technological innovation
(Onsite research & development, innovation incubator, technology summits, innovator residencies, etc.)

(Japanese school, kindergarden, workshops and ongoing courses, learning crafts, etc.)

(Community garden, sports, wellness etc.)

(Cross social / generation community living)

NION is to become an example of a micro-cosmos of diversity: a vibrant space of growth and community exchange that showcases renowned craftsmanship, culinary treasures, and traditional beauty. It will be a flagship project of technological progress, contemporary and urban culture.






Berlin is Tokyo’s sister city and the cultural hotspot in the heart of Europe. Its cultural outlets attract >more than 15,000 tourists every weekend. That puts NION at the centre of European attention.

Berlin is Europe’s low-price capital in terms of real-estate and operational costs. Its work life balance and abundant cultural outlet created a young entrepreneurial hub for extraordinary projects.


There is a timeless, insatiable fascination about Japanese culture, particularly about the high level of quality when it comes to craftsmanship – from woodwork to food, technology all the way to the playful imaginary worlds of manga and pop culture.

NION invites everyone to experience Japanese culture in a stunningly profound way; by bringing the best Japan has to offer to one single location. This will become THE hub for Japanese, international visitors and locals alike creating a dense, vibrant, striving community celebrating all facets of Japan’s versatile culture.






Crafting and building an engaging community space online and in real life.

An exploration across the intersection of lifestyle, technology, crafts, education, health and living.

NION Commerce
Downtown feeling at the Shotengai
A spread of small bars, restaurants and cafes next to select sophisticated shops, book stores, and fashion and design outlets.

NION Tech Center
For Berlin’s first international smart, open quarter
NION will operate as a smart city where scientific and engineering inventions are implemented right away for urban issues.

NION Craftsmanship Program
A gateway for Japanese Masters
We’d like to create a possibility for Japanese Masters to pass on their crafts in the heart of Europe.

NION Art Center
Hosting creative works exhibitions
Residency studios for local and international creatives, an abundant event facility and space for all kinds of exhibitions, performances, concerts and conferences.

NION Health Center
Dojo and Sento as an oasis of recreation
Creating a healthy life balance is crucial for an overall well-being. Therefore we decided to open up a space for health and physical activity.

NION Learning Center
Generate sustainable answers and foster co-learningWhether you talk about social innovation or Intangible Cultural Heritage: you need a living relationship to pass it on or to incite learning.

NION Community Garden
Enhancing variety and growth of animals and plants
The garden stretches over the roofs of the whole of NION, becoming the connecting entity of all clusters of the NION eco-system.

NION Residencies
An inspiring living environment for everybody
NION is an open hand-in-hand approach to create a new model of living.






NION was founded by a group of leading creative movers from the Berlin music, art, tech and urban development scene to serve as an international platform for contemporary culture and creativity in Berlin.

We put together concepts and stage an array of international projects including conferences, cultural festivals, art exhibitions, and industry networking events. From urban development projects like tech hubs, market and food halls to fully developed quarters.

Ryotaro Bordini Chikushi, CEO → His personal NION Story
Andreas Krueger, Partner → His personal NION story
Andreas Foidl, Chief Financial Officer
Naho Iguchi, Chief Community Catalyst → Her personal NION Story
Lars Eberle, Head of Design
Lennart Siebert, Project Manager
Maike Hank, Head of Content

Find out more about the NION Core Team and the NION Partners.