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Ryotaro Bordini Chikushi, CEO
Ryotaro is a serial entrepreneur with a background in Asian trends, marketing & communication, as well as fine arts and music. He is a crossfield runner between research, strategy and production. Born as a cultural hybrid, his mission is to create a bridge to foster synergies and nourish exchange in culture, business and lifestyle between Japan and Europe.
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Naho Iguchi, CCC (Chief Community Catalyst)
Naho is an artist of social sculpture. It defines that any human activity is art, as long as one deliberately attempts to yield new cultures and systems out of the existing structures. NION’s philosophy and vision are the fruition of her latest art work “Journey to Lioness.”
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Journey to Lioness


Maike Hank, Content Lead
Maike ist an editor, graphic designer, digital native and multifunctional. Committed to her cats and chocolate, believing in the power of empathy and forest bathing. She wants to enrich NION with all these facets and make it grow. 夜型.
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Satoru Teshima, Communication Lead
Satoru is a writer, comic sans enthusiast and a sailor moon theme song specialist. Both fluent in Japanese and English, his ambition at NION is to connect missing pieces together to integrate into new culture.


Our Partners

Prof. Mitsuhiro Takemura
Advisor & Ambassador

Fumi Murata
Advisor & Ambassador

Dr. Henning Heppner,
ELO Mobility
Smart Building Advisor

Dr. Oliver von Quast,
Sarvovelo Capital GmbH
Smart City Advisor


Andreas Krueger,
Belius GmbH
Urban Development Advisor

Niklas Fanelsa,
Atelier Fanelsa
Local Architectural Advisor

Lars Eberle,
Less Rain GmbH
Design Partner

Carsten Schneider,
Less Rain GmbH
Design Partner

Kengo Kuma,
Kengo Kuma & Associates
Architecture Partner

Rita Topa,
Kengo Kuma & Associates
Architecture Partner


Our Bloggers & Contributors

Amina Hikari Fall, Anika Ogosu, Anna Zschokke, Birgit Severin, Carla Langner, Dera Luce, Evi Hallermayer-Jahreiß, Fabienne Fong Yan, Felicitas Blanck, Florian Brückner, Francesco Barbati, Julian Liebig, Margaux Friocourt, Maria Moukhina, Marianna Poppitz, Mitsuo Yoshizawa, Momono Wada, Philipp Goeser, Rainer Stobbe, Rintaro Komamba, Sara Wulf, Sarah Schwarz, Taishi Nagasaka, Takanori Tayama, Wanda Proft, Wrenn Odim.


Our Supporters

AHK Japan
DZT Tokyo
German Embassy, Tokyo


Our Friends

Arabica Berlin-Kreuzberg
Go Sake
H.I.S Berlin
Japan Experience
Space Design Inc.


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