NION Marketplace – Downtown feeling at the Shotengai

by NION Berlin March 30, 2018
NION Marketplace – Downtown feeling at the Shotengai

Area: 20.000 sqm
Commercial units: 150
Unit size: 90 sqm


A spread of small bars, restaurants and cafes next to select sophisticated shops, book stores, and fashion and design outlets revive the much loved Shitamachi-downtown feeling immersed in a Berlin green oasis.

Little ryokans and a capsule hotel with more than 150 stores densely packed next to and on top of each other will make you feel like you’re in a vivid Japanese neighbourhood with a Berlin twist.


Shiori Arai, restaurant owner and chef de cuisine

“I like the relationship between Teishu (the host) and Oshoukyaku (the guest) in the Japanese tea ceremony. It articulates Japanese hospitality. The host is dedicated to providing the guest with unforgettable satisfaction. I was raised around my parents’ restaurant, so the food industry was always my thing. To expose myself more to a foreign environment, I moved to Düsseldorf: however, it wasn’t really “foreign” due to the big Japanese expats network. To become a stranger in a real sense, I started a venture in the capital of Germany. Berlin is a place worth going for a challenge, and you get a fair evaluation. I appreciate my guests’ honesty. My competences as a chef are judged purely based on my performance”

With his restaurant Shiori, Shiori Arai offers a unique Japanese dining experience in Berlin’s center.

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