A free collaborative art project

by Wrenn Odim March 25, 2019
A free collaborative art project

HEADZ is a Salon-style activity initiated by Urs Fischer, with live music, open until the end of March. They invite everyone to come by and create art without feeling under pressure.

When I learned about HEADZ from a friend, best believe I was skeptical. A month long event with free art supplies, drinks, food and live performance?! Running through my mind the whole time I was on my way was… “there must be a catch” and “they’ll probably charge me at the door or on my way out”. I couldn’t even imagine something where the whole goal is to build community through art and music and to create a creative and open space where people can just spend time forgetting about their responsibilities and just make something.

The first time I attended was two weeks ago. When I walked in I was asked, “is this your first time?”, to which I responded, “yes”. I was simply told that the only rule is to please be consider of the space and to be sure to clean up my area when I leave.

Stop questioning yourself

I sat down with a brush and a few different colors of acrylic paint and I just started painting. At first, I tried to plan out what I thought I wanted to make but then I noticed myself veering away from my original plan and just painting how I was feeling. I also began to notice that the music was starting to influence my work, which I kind of loved. I stopped questioning myself and trying so hard to “make something good”. I was just present. I was just creating without any thought or plan.

For anyone who feels stuck in their own head, or has just been desiring a space to spend time with a community while doing something fun and creative, I highly suggest checking this place out this week before the exhibition ends.


HEADZ at Gitschiner Straße 20, Berlin
by Urs Fischer, Brendan Dugan & Spencer Sweeney, with live music by Pete Drungle and others
open daily at 7 pm, Sun – Thur until the end of March
Admission is free

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