Warmth and enlightenment

by Maike Hank March 18, 2019
Warmth and enlightenment

Last week, our second blogger meeting took place. Intended to be a productive workshop, it evolved into something even better.

This year, we started to build up a team of bloggers to cover all kind of topics related to NION. For instance (Japanese) art, architecture and culture, food in Berlin and Japan, but also sustainability, new living concepts, social impact, urban gardening, community building and even daily life observations.

Although various applications allow us to communicate and co-work from all over the globe it is still important to me that at least the team members who are in Berlin meet in person from time to time. Therefore, we had another blogger event last week. While the first one in January was only to get to know each other, the second was meant to be productive.

After a short introduction for the newcomers, we had a workshop in which we focused on some of the eight NION areas, asking the following questions:

Q1: What do I want to write about?
Q2: What do I want to read about?

Each category brainstorm took us only five minutes – but collecting the ideas afterwards evolved into wonderful conversations: as each participant had a completely different background, various topics came up, some of which we discussed at great length. In this way we could learn new things and get to know each other at the same time.

The respectful interaction and the very caring and open view on the respective topics united us. Be it during the discussion about immaterial cultural heritage, philosophical theories or everyday life.

I haven’t expected such a warm and enlightening thus effective meeting and I was more than grateful for everyone who has contributed by sharing their thoughts and ideas!

Join the blogger team!

Do have a passion for one or more of the NION topics and are experienced as a blogger?
If you are interested in becoming part of the team, send me an email (mh /at/ nion /dot/ berlin)!

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