NION Base – shiny and new!

by NION Berlin October 6, 2017
NION Base – shiny and new!

Over several weeks we managed to renovate NION Base. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the NION Community!

In 2016, we rented the location at Moritzplatz for a limited time to set up our temporary Popup store. Now that we’ve decided to really establish NION base there, we wanted to create a space according to our vision of NION. Lars from less rain made the design concept and we bought the materials.

Then we asked the NION community for help – and the volunteers came! We felt so blessed! Together with the NION community, we removed wallpapers, repaired walls, and painted them. We built new custom-designed counter top and shelves, applied magnetic paint and boards on a wall, hanged new lamps, and set up vintage tables. It was the best mixture of all: having fun while working together on a beloved project. We are so grateful for the support of the NION community and are looking forward to many wonderful experiences at NION base. Thanks!

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