Our team is self-organized

by Naho Iguchi January 9, 2018
Our team is self-organized

NION attempts not only the new urban community living, but also the new way of making it happen. We experiment our process. If we raise more awareness in the process, how we do things, we will be automatically benefitted socially, culturally, economically, politically, and environmentally.

We share multiple roles according to different projects and topics, instead of fixed hierarchical positions and titles. We take turns in leadership moment to moment. We are flexible in decision making procedures and methods so that we are always lean and agile, but also profound in contemplation if necessary. Our abundant creativity will ow when spontaneity and immediacy play out, instead of rigid months and years ahead planning.

Our organizational structure is like biotic relations in forests.

Each member is autonomous, intuitively finds their roles, and contributes to the organizational purpose. Our flexible and resilient ameba-like organization enables us to change team formations, get bigger, or break down into sub teams instantly based on goals in the given time line. Our community jumps in and becomes our temporary team mates.

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