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Cutting-edge collaborative economy in Kyoto

September 4 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

RELEASE; is a Kyoto-based business design firm that consists of strategists, designers, planners and entrepreneurs from various fields.

In NION Community Meeting, they will show us a completely different aspect of Kyoto that people outside the city are not aware of and start a conversation with Berliners who likewise aspire alternative economies and city life.

The two founders Yukinori Sakurai and Miho Kazama will present their unique business cases, services, collaborators’ products and illuminate cultural wisdom that enables the recent emergence of a new ecosystem.

They are devoted to work on issues both global and individual in scale, from climate change to a traditional company’s restructuring efforts and believe in the transformative power of creativity to generate new ideas that help Multi-stakeholder process and Inter-local businesses growth in a new age.


RELEASE; witnesses a new current in Japanese economy. Numerous business practices seek for another form of capitalism, which weighs on different value systems from the existing one. Since 2015 in partnership with the Kyoto city government, they have implemented the “Kyoto Municipality Social Innovation Cluster Framework,” which supports local business that enhances sustainable society.

In April 2019, RELEASE; successfully facilitated an enactment of an ordinance, “Community-based Companies.” – a self-certified system to recognize organizations whose business schemes are deliberately crafted in order to foster social innovators and contribute to local communities. The ordinance defines that Kyoto local companies that protect and nurture socio-economic capitals such as citizens, nature, and culture are the key in Kyoto economy regardless of their size and profit.


Co-founder Yukinori Sakurai is a creative director who planned and supervised design projects and brand development of various sectors and areas including start-ups, educational institutions, local governments, non-profit organizations, shrines and temples. He’s participating in local projects in Kyoto, Minamata, Awaji, Iwate and Nagano etc. with various roles such as management support and creative consultant, to explore the 21st century style management and help businesses and local communities to become more creative and sustainable.

Co-founder Miho Kazama is a Communications Coordinator who acts as the catalyst that closes the gap between companies, government, research institutes, municipalities, NPO / NGO, creators and people in the field of education, etc, and produces their creative projects. Since 2007 she has been involved with Think the Earth – an intermediary support organization aiming for the “coexistence of ecology and economy” and ultimately the realization of a sustainable and peaceful society. Currently, she’s orchestrating projects and the creation of places of learning to “connect social innovators in East Asia and the Pacific Rim” under the primary themes of “water”, “forest” and “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Corporate Social Value (CSV)”.

During their visit to Berlin they will be accompanied by Planner/Editor/Copywriter Takehiko Yanase who is focused on regional attraction transmission, social projects, local industry production, and corporate communication design; Communication Expert Natsumi Tanaka who has her own accessories brand and is exploring creative things for every single life with the Japanese tenet “衣食住(I-Shoku-Jyu), which could be interpreted as ‘Beautiful design, wholesome balanced food and comfortable space’; and CEO Hiroshi Kokubo who started his own business and identifies his work as “public relations direction to solve social problems”, and supports people addressing social issues in their public relations area, which also includes building firm public relations foundations for NPOs and NGOs.


September 4
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Oranienstraße 58A
Berlin, 10969 Germany